The development of humankind can be compared to that of a single individual. Humankind has lived through its phase of childhood, desiring to accomplish great discoveries. During that time, it believed itself to be the center of the universe, tethered to many unfounded claims and possessing a certainty of being special. Many people are still in this phase.

Today, humankind is in adolescence and enjoys playing with technology. It acknowledges that other living creatures on this planet also deserve respect. However, humans still engage in conflicts with each other, struggling to tolerate their differences and experiencing difficulty in self-understanding, much like a teenager.

Someday in the future, humankind will reach maturity. But for that to occur, it must leave its home, its mother, the planet Earth. AstroTown a science fiction book that explores this phase. Whether humankind is expelled from the planet or decides on its own to abandon it, the fact remains that humankind must learn to live independently. Only then will it be prepared to be part of a community it does not know. Only then can it encounter other life forms that are also inhabiting space in a similar phase of maturity.

Discovering how this independence process can occur and examining the difficulties that will be encountered along the way is crucial. The question remains the same: Is humankind capable of redeeming its mistakes and doing what is right? Or is it a failed system that must be replaced by another, more advanced system? The cards are on the table.

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Saulo Queiroz da Fonseca

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